watching the tour de france at la bicicleta, malasaña


I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon, when I headed to La Bicicleta café in Malasaña for a huge cappuccino and a few hours with a good book, to find people gathered to watch the first day of the Tour de France projected up on the wall. Brightly colored jerseys were hanging up everywhere as well as huge photos of the races from decades past. I didn’t know very much about the TdF before, so it was cool to get a glimpse of what it’s all about, listening to the running commentary in between reading, and it certainly all fit in perfectly with the theme of this trendy café.

DSC03379 DSC03380

La Bicicleta is a self-described “workplace and cycling cafe” and is really a perfect place for a freelancer, bike enthusiast, or just a coffee-enthusiast like me: they have an extensive coffee menu, all expertly prepared. They also provide free wifi, plenty of tables, desks or comfy seats to settle into, outlets, a great soundtrack — basically everything you need to get some work done in a friendly cool environment. Of course they also serve drinks, pastries and snacks, and brunch on Sundays.

DSC03381On the wall behind the big communal work/breakfast table, they have a custom bike-themed mural by Madrid art collective Boa Mistura, whose work can be seen all over the city, and in fact in many projects around the world as well. It’s always cool to see collaborations between local businesses and artists like this.


La Bicicleta Café, Plaza San Ildefonso 9, +34 915 32 97 42 ‎ ·

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One thought on “watching the tour de france at la bicicleta, malasaña

  1. I’ve been to La Bicicleta for a relaxing afternoon cafe; the atmosphere must have felt electric with the excitement of the Tour de France!

    Also, I love your new layout, It looks great!

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