mapping rome’s centro storico

I mentioned some time ago that I was taking a course through an online education site, SkillShare, about map making and its uses in social media. One of the little projects I worked on to practice – so it is by no means perfect or very well-designed – was a simple map of some of my favorite places in central Rome, which I’d like to share on my blog today! Hopefully my skills will improve in the future, but in the meantime, why not?

rome map 1

A few of my favorite spots:

Giolitti – one of Rome’s most classic gelaterie

G.R.O.M – a modern chain of locally-sourced, bio (organic) gelaterie

Il Papiro – gorgeous stationery including marbled paper demonstrations

Sant’ Eustachio – perhaps Rome’s most famous caffè

Santa Maria Novella – antique “Farmacia” selling perfumes, soaps, etc.

Chiesa San Luigi dei Francesi – a beautiful church featuring some of Caravaggio’s most famous paintings

Centre Culturel Saint Louis – a French cultural center housing readings, talks, and film screenings

Hotel Raphael – an elegant hotel with bar & restaurant

Chiostro del Bramante – a tiny church with contemporary art exhibits and a courtyard caffè

Caffè della Pace – one of Rome’s most romantic corners for a cappuccino or drink

Bar del Fico – a hip bar/restaurant always teeming with the young and “figo” (cool)

Altroquando – one of my favorite alternative bookstores, on one of my favorite streets

I realized as I put this together how many other places I could have included! But I had to stop myself somewhere… alla prossima.

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6 thoughts on “mapping rome’s centro storico

  1. Nice post. We’ll be in Rome soon so this can be helpful

  2. Your map is great! We must have been in the same class, actually we still are! I’m headed to Rome at the end of August for the second time. Touristy stuff done! I’ll be able to appreciate all the things you’ve mapped out above! xx

    • Thanks! I loved the maps you did for your road trip posts 🙂 I’m working on a few more to hopefully get better at this Illustrator stuff

  3. Very cool! I would love to take a map-making class one of these days. Can I call you “Kartography Kat” now?

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