one day in lima, perú



This week I have a new student who comes from Lima, and talking to her about the city today got me reminiscing about my very brief visit to the city when I traveled all around Peru a few years ago. I really only had time to get a brief overview of the country’s vast history in the archaeology museum, then a visit to the elegant Miraflores neighborhood and the waterfront, which was an incredible place to enjoy a leisurely meal — giving ceviche a try for the first time! — and take in the beautiful early sunset. It is even possible to go paragliding off of the city’s soft green cliffs.



Have you ever been to Lima? What are your must-see places in the city?


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3 thoughts on “one day in lima, perú

  1. I’ve been in Lima but sadly, it was only a really short stay 😦

    But I do remember that some people recommended me the ceviche in some place at the airport. What? The airport? I said… but at the end, I didn’t have time to try some in the city so I ate in that place… and they were right! It was amazing!!! I hope to go back to my beloved South America soon!

    • I also only scheduled a very short time in Lima because there were so many other places in Perú to see! But I really can’t wait until I can see more of South America 🙂 Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador….

      I had a similar experience, after I visited the culinary capital of San Sebastian, the only Michelin star restaurant I ate in was at the airport in Madrid… I guess airports can have great food sometimes too :p

  2. Hello,

    currently living there! Ceviches and sunsets are a must, of course, and nightlife in Barranco…for more ideas, check out my blog!

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