a little creative endeavor…

a sample design from the course site

I found out only recently about Skillshare — a great site with tons of online (or some in-person) courses you can take to learn a new skill, directly from an expert, without enrolling in a design school or any costly program. I had actually read a lot about the growth of online education in general, and checked out some of the most respected sites like Coursera, but was a little disappointed to find that most of the courses were geared to technical subjects and programming, which were not of particular interest to me. But luckily a lot of the courses on Skillshare focus on art, design and creative fields, in focused practical, affordable courses to learn exactly what you need.

I’ve already signed up for my first course, which will start tomorrow — Map Design: Learn to Communicate Places Beautifully! The teacher is Anne Ditmeyer, a designer and the writer of the blog Prêt à Voyager about her life in Paris. I have art experience but no specific graphic design experience, so I thought the focused topic would be a good way to get introduced to the skills and tricks of the field, and as a constant traveler, learning to make clear and attractive maps seems like something that will come in quite useful.

So I will be channeling my inner geographer (do I have such a thing?) — I’m excited to see what I’ll be able to come up with!

Are you going to take the Map Design class as well? Have you ever taken a course using Skillshare before?

Vermeer - The Geographer

Vermeer – The Geographer

Read more about the class on the instructor’s blog, Prêt à Voyager.

You can sign up for the class yourself here!


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2 thoughts on “a little creative endeavor…

  1. The course sounds great! I stopped by the instructor’s blog and was intrigued by the maps–it would be nifty to capture your own personal trips in such a way. Wish I had time to sign up for this one, too!

    • I am hoping to make maps about my own best trips, or perhaps with my favorite places in some of the cities I have lived in… I’ll try to update about my progress as I go along! I don’t think it will be too time-consuming, since it is self-paced, but we’ll see!

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