afternoon tea 20s style

bitter and zart Yesterday a friend and I took advantage of a rare Friday afternoon off to indulge in a little post-Valentine’s day chocolate- and sugar-rush. We headed to Bitter & Zart, a chocolate shop which added on a cafe last year, to enjoy the elegant atmosphere and cool 20’s-swing-fusion music while we caught up.

My friend ordered from their varied tea menu, and it came with quite an elaborate set-up: teapot with a candle heater to keep it warm, separate dish for the tea strainer, a little dish with rock sugar that looked like stones, and a small pink hourglass to brew your tea the exact correct time. Very clever and thoughtful! I opted for their classic house hot chocolate, which was decadently thick and came with a little lump of cayenne-infused dark chocolate on the side. And of course we couldn’t help but choose one of their delectable pastries to share.



You can find the Bitter & Zart shop/cafe at: Braubachstraße 14, Frankfurt.
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3 thoughts on “afternoon tea 20s style

  1. Looks like such a cute place! I will have to keep it in mind if I ever actually make it to Frankfurt and not just the airport

    • haha that is a common problem! I’ve had friends come to “visit” me which meant that I just went out to the airport to hang out with them for an hour while they waited for a connection! :p Frankfurt doesn’t have that much tourist-y stuff to do, but it does have some cool cafes and shops and things like that 🙂

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