street art in rome 2: high brow graffiti

caravaggioAnother of my favorite pieces of street art that I saw in Rome was this stencil graffiti on the side of a post box, spotted on Via del Babuino, one of the most elegant shopping streets in the city. It’s a version of the painting by Caravaggio, below, called “The Fortune Teller” (or “Buona ventura”), which can be seen in the Capitoline Museum in Rome (when I visited the museum it was displayed in this unusual way, demonstrating restoration techniques), and another version is exhibited in the Louvre in Paris. The painting shows a rich, well-dressed boy, having his palm read, unaware that the woman is actually stealing his ring.

I loved spotting this on the street, amid all the fanciest boutiques of Rome, both because it brings one of the finest artists of Rome and Italy’s cultural heritage out of the museum and into the life of the city, and also because it seemed like a clever commentary on the shoppers and the type of exchange going on in the neighborhood. Caravaggio is one of my favorite Italian painters, whose works can be seen all over Rome in museums and churches alike, and I thought it was great to see a graffiti artist keeping his images relevant to life today.



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2 thoughts on “street art in rome 2: high brow graffiti

  1. I love C125’s stencils. I never knew he appropriated images from the old masters. Very nice!

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