my favorite street artist in barcelona

When I spent a year studying in Barcelona, I passed many an afternoon wandering around in the Barrio Gotico and the Raval, near the University buildings I had my classes in. Hardly the most elegant neighborhood, the walls of the old buildings were a sort of ever-shifting canvas for street artists and graffiti. And over time, I noticed pieces by the same artists that went up and were taken back down or covered up, week by week.

The picture above was from what became my favorite artist, taken in the Plaça dels Angels, right near the huge contemporary art museum, MACBA (not a bad placement choice, right?). There was never a name or specific tag, just these free-floating little figures, sometimes flying, sometimes with little written messages, once on the side of a large flower pot, almost hidden behind the leaves of a plant.

Quite by chance, several weeks later, I was browsing aimlessly in an art bookstore when I happened upon a book full of paintings and illustrations which, flipping through, were suddenly familiar. It was a limited-edition artist’s book by the same creator. They go by the name of Juju’s Delivery ( and currently work more in illustration and gallery shows than on the street. But the next time I’m in Barcelona, I know I’ll keep an eye out while wandering the streets, just in case.

I hope you like their work as much as I do!

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3 thoughts on “my favorite street artist in barcelona

  1. This is very cool! I used to live in the Raval and loved looking at all the artwork on the streets. It’s not elegant, but it’s so vibrant. I’ll have to keep an eye out for these ones now.

  2. Marcela Cava Balsa on said:

    Nice paintings!

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