your typical neighborhood barbershop in bologna

This is the kind of view that doesn’t stop being a quiet thrill for a New Yorker living in an incredibly old country like Italy: the building that’s been there hundreds of years — different architectural styles haphazardly melding together, the barbershop that’s been there almost a hundred itself, barbers in crisp white coats and their regular, local clients coming in, and the laughter, banter and friendly ribbing you can overhear from out on the street…


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3 thoughts on “your typical neighborhood barbershop in bologna

  1. Love this photo! Did you used to live in Bologna? I spent 3 days there once and would love to revisit.

    • I was also only visiting for a few days unfortunately! But I was particularly impressed with all the old shops in the center of the city… Bologna doesn’t seem to have succumbed as much to tourism as Rome where I used to live!

  2. Ahh, ok ok. I was a sucker for all of Bologna’s arcades, they have a charm all their own.

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