window shopping in saint germain and le marais

Many people who visit or live in Paris remark that one of their favorite ways to pass time there is simple wandering the city streets, doing nothing in particular. During my few trips to the city of light I have been no exception, planning a lot of time to slowly meander across the city between museum visits and people-watching in cafés. Not only is the architecture and style of the people beautiful to observe, but many of the little shops and displays as well. Here are a few that I saw and liked in Saint Germain and Le Marais on my last trip.

I saw this beautiful, vibrant dress in a shop window along Boulevard Saint Germain, and loved the sort of Mad-Men-esque silhouette. Unfortunately the store was closed, and you can see me reflected there, only carrying a small shopping bag from a bookstore though.

A beautiful ballet-inspired display at Repetto (purveyor of lovely ballet flat shoes as well as real dance shoes) in Le Marais.

    A lush garden store spilling out onto the sidewalk. I suppose this is how Parisians fill their tiny balconies!

 Cute jewelry and accessories (including an adorable little cat-ear headpiece) displayed on a vintage suitcase in Le Marais.
Delicacies in a chocolate shop in Le Marais.

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3 thoughts on “window shopping in saint germain and le marais

  1. I love that window design at repetto, what a beautiful idea!
    love your photos 🙂

  2. I also agree that it’s one of the best ways to spend time in Paris! You captured some lovely shots here. Thanks you so much for stopping by FTRB!

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